Brighton Skills Clinic Results

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November 27, 2013

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The Pistons Academy of Youth Basketball concluded its first of three basketball clinics Tuesday as 57 young players gathered at Scranton Middle School in Brighton.

In the 7:45 clinic, players in grades 4-6 participated in a brief evaluation period before finishing with a brief scrimmage.  “I liked the way the kids listened,” said Pistons Academy Coach Vickie Newberry, “They responded to our coaching and I saw instant results.  This is for sure a promising group.”

In the scrimmage, 10-year-old Alex Gilleylan played a lot like Pistons forward Greg Monroe.  “Alex is a human stat sheet,” said coach Geo Thomas, “He hustled down rebounds and made many good passes to his teammates.”

There were two girls in attendance and both played very well in the scrimmage.  Libby Davis gathered two rebounds while Alyssa Iamarino scored a sweet basket after an offensive rebound.

The clinic will resume next Tuesday with emphasis on picks and passing.  To view last Tuesday’s stat sheet, click this link —> Brighton Stat Sheet

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